A – Full Management – 18% (inc VAT) 

B – Rent Collection 14.4% (inc VAT) 

C – Let Only 12% (inc VAT) – Additional year to same tenant 12%, 3rd year 7% 

Service  A 18% inc  VATService  B 14.4%  inc VATService  C 12% inc VAT
Rental Assessment *
Marketing the property *
Arranging and accompanying tenants *
Applying for references, initial Right to Rent  Checks/visa/permit and passport checks – Additional Right to Rent checks could include  charges
Drawing up Tenancy Agreements £180 inc VAT *
Collection of Deposit and/or letter of guarantee *
Registering the Deposit with an approved scheme *
Arranging for an inventory check in, meters read  and keys handed over*
Notifying the Utilities of change of occupier *
Collection of rents to be paid to the Landlords  nominated account*
Submission of Rental statements *
Visiting the property after 1st 4-6 weeks and Tri annually thereafter*
Dealing with day to day management *
Liasing with Landlord accountant regarding tax  return*
Arranging Gas/Electric & EPC safety checks *
Arranging check out at end of tenancy and dealing  with dilapidations report*
Arranging for the rent increase of the tenancy 
Arrange cleaning/repair work at the end of the  tenancy *
Arrange rent guarantee and legal insurance where  required*

Tenancy Set up costs per tenancy 

No. of References Rent less than  £1000Rent £1000-£1600 Rent over £1600
£498 £558 £618
£552 £612 £672
£606 £666 £762
£660 £720 £780
All Figures include VAT and referencing, right to rent checks, financial credit checks where  applicable, contract negotiation, tenants paperwork and check out

Additional Costs:- 

Drawing up Tenancy Agreement £180 (inc VAT) Agreement Renewals £120 (inc VAT) Make of Inventory £160 – £460 (inc VAT) Check in of Tenants £160 – £350 (inc VAT)  Provide paperwork for a Tenancy deposit dispute * £180 (inc VAT)

Plus time for above charged per hour * £50 (inc VAT) Registration of Tenancy Deposit £75 (inc VAT) Max one per year Additional copies of Inventory £30 (inc VAT) Call out for Alarm in office hours £60 (inc VAT) Call out for Alarm out of office hours £120 (inc VAT) Additional visits to property £60 (inc VAT) Section Notices i.e. section 21/section 8 or other £180 (inc VAT) Void period visits to property £60 (inc VAT) Dealing with Legal Proceedings per hour £30 (inc VAT) Energy Performance Certificate (property size dependant) £102 – £156 (inc VAT) Court Appearance (travel costs/parking additional) £60 per hour (inc VAT) Purchase by party introduced by Murray Management 1.2% of purchase price (inc VAT) Submission of ¼ payment to HMRC if no exemption £60 (inc VAT) Legal & Rent Protection Insurance £170-£450 

Re-issue of TDS paperwork (Service B & C) £100 inc VAT Work arranged for non managed properties 22% (inc VAT) of contractor  invoice 

Additional statements £5 inc VAT 

Gas Safety Certificate and service £as per contractors bill Electrical Installation Condition Report £as per contractors bill PAT test £as per contractors bill EPC £as per contractors bill Handling Local authority licensing application £50 inc VAT per hour 

Landlord Withdrawal Fee £170 inc VAT  Extension/renewal/Rent increase of tenancy fee £120 (inc VAT) Right to Rent follow up check £120 (inc VAT) Acquiring material Information if required £60 inc VAT per hour

Murray Management

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